Hi Score Girl

Hi Score Girl is an anime based on the Japanese manga by Rensuke Oshikiri. The manga ran from 2010-2018, with the anime first airing in 2018. So far there have been two seasons of Hi Score Girl.

Taking place in the 1990s, Hi Score Girl follows Haruo Yaguchi who loves playing video games. His fellow classmate, Akira Ono, is smart, rich, very pretty, and extremely hard working and talented. She is the last person Yaguchi would expect to find at the arcade, but when he does see her there, he finds she has exceptional skill at gaming.

At first, Ono is not as receptive to Yaguchi, and is at times rather violent in a funny way. Over time, they come to enjoy each other's company. Although Akira does not speak, Yaguchi understands her and knows when something is wrong. They enjoy playing games, talking about games and eating, as Akira loves food and snacks. They find out more about one another, and soon, affection and then love begins to grow between them.

At the same time, Hidaka Koharu, another classmate, is also interested in Yaguchi. Hidaka is quiet, studious, and helps her parents in their shop. Hidaka begins to grow interested in games because of Yaguchi, and finds she has natural talent. She knows that there is something between Akira and Yaguchi, and wants to win Yaguchi's heart.

Yaguchi is a very likeable, kind, funny character. Watching the series, you can see why Hidaka and Akira like him so much. This anime is filled with references to the 1990s and to video games of the time. It is such a fun series to watch, I highly recommend it. And, Anime News Network has reported that there will be a spinoff manga about Hidaka.

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